Throwback Series -Pregnancy


Phase One:


It was last year, around April, that I found about my pregnancy. Oh, What a moment of joy it was! Fortunately, for M (my hubsy, Mohasin)and me, Friday has always brought good memories and beginnings.

Firstly, our Nikah took place on a Friday (I am assuming M agrees it’s a good memory!). Secondly, we discovered on a Friday that we are pregnant and lastly but gloriously, bubz was born on a Friday too.

Motherhood is definitely something that every woman should get to experience. Nevertheless, it does carry with it huge responsibilities and commitments.

Women who are expecting, I feel, should be classified into two categories: first being the Lucky Ones who glide through the phase like an absolute Pinterest dream and the second being the ones that laze around in pyjamas all day, with their feet swollen and profoundly throwing up with increasing frequency, their fiery heartburns would give the hottest volcanoes run for their existence, and the number of pee breaks that multiply ever so rapidly. Don’t even get me started over the ever-present back pain!

Oh the list is endless!

Awfully, I belonged to the latter category. I would throw up everything that I gorged on. Relatives tried to pacify me that my being queasy wouldn’t last beyond three months but my pregnancy was in no mood to prove them right. This went on until my last day of pregnancy!

The first trimester is the most enjoyable with no added weight to carry or to walk with an inelegant gait. Blissfully binging on your favourite food and sleeping (oh yes! sleeping peacefully with no thoughts running in your mind) is something that I miss sorely today. Also, you are yet in good terms with all your clothes in the wardrobe. So all’s well up till now.

Things start to sink in at the second trimester when the reality unfolds. Starting with feeling mushy over the teeny weeny movements of your baby in your stomach to an increase in morning sickness, heightened sense of smell, tedious routine check-ups and tests at the doctor, along with adapting yourself to consciously sleeping just on your lefts as that leads to good supply of blood to the baby (Yes, the maternal love is already aroused).

The third and final trimester hardships are enough to realise as to why a woman has been made one of the pathways leading to Jannah (heaven).

We women have a plethora of emotions to deal with and we like to emote our feelings through smiles, facial expressions, body language and most importantly, tears. These emotions are magnified threefold while in this stage. Beware, there are days where you will find yourself crying for absolutely no reason. Brace yourself for the intensifying of emotions and hormones (If I may add). Whoever said, “It’s OK not to be OK” was a very wise man!

The last few days or months are spent in anticipating the arrival of your little bundle of joy. It also heralds with it dread. The anxiety of the agony that will follow in giving birth. I tortured myself by reading all those horrid birth stories. Trust me, please don’t do that. Stay away from these interesting but unnerving birth stories. Hearing anecdotes from people I know and my own experience has taught me that every body and every pregnancy is different from each other.

* So stay calm! (Difficult, though, it is).
* Eat and satiate all your hunger cravings (ain’t no body talking about how your stomach flabs are tumbling!)
* Pamper yourself as much as u can (Grave rule-of the-thumb during pregnancy!) because post birth, the only pampering session you will be having is a 5-minute’s bath in peace.
* Lastly, kill your OCD (I couldnt bear a single thing off it’s place but now I care less)

Until next time

Stay hooked

Beingmomtastic ❤

Blog Editor : Rooshna Bilal Memon


26 thoughts on “Throwback Series -Pregnancy

  1. Way to go, Afsha! Every word rings true here. Being a mum of three, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Indisputably, I’m an ardent fan of your blog. Starting today 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. oh man!! WHat an amazing coincidence for sure ❤ Emotions … i had really bad emotions, they were all over the place man!! One moment I was happy and the very next moment I was crying hysterically 😦


  3. Seriously. Why do we do that? I too read up on horrid birth stories and it scared the shit out of me. I eventually had a csec and was glad for it


  4. Love reading your blog about pregnancy. I fortunately did not face any such troubles and sailed through all 9 months without a hiccup. Thank you for sharing the tips , I ma sure many new moms will find it useful.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Such a lovely write up Afsha . Luckily, both of my pregnancies were throwing up sessions or morning sickness…

    You look fab in the pic..

    Liked by 1 person

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