Review- ” I am a Mom Planner”

Hello People, 

Hope you all are doing well, In sha Allah 

I have been literally anticipating writing this review

I am a full fledged stationary and planner hoarder and when I was contacted to review this, I couldn’t contain my excitement 

Ah well, people who follow me on Snapchat & Instagram will vouch for that

Nevertheless, let me just dive straight into this 
About “The Mom Planner” 

A huge shoutout (if I may) as this is curated by Haajra, a mother just like us managing three munchkins and decided to make lives easy for other mommies.

Currently there are two variants to the planner, Classic & Chic 

I was sent the “Classic” variant and I was super happy as I am all about Monochromes & Gold as seen in the image

My Personal Experience: 

I put it to use the minute I unpacked it and already had like a zillion things to channelise and put to execution date wise. Believe me I had tasks jotted down for a week straight in my first session itself.

This planner is huge and trust me when I say that. Very generously this has around 200 pages to it

What I liked: 

📝This is undated so for indecisive planners like me works just in favour 
📝 It has small sections made for your daily calls/emails, priorities, things to buy, activities for kids, events or any house related activities or organising to do
📝Has a small section dedicated to “Today Im thankful for” that just makes you think of small things you should be happy and positive about 
📝The doodle section is too cute to mention. For a scribbler like me it’s a win-win 

📝The last few pages are dedicated to jotting down your monthly budgets and emergency contacts, year in a review and some parenting goals you must have set for yourself 

A few misses: 
📌 Its not travel friendly.Being slight heavy and huge I wouldn’t carry it along with me for some on-the-go planning 
📌I would require some more writing space on each page.
I honestly couldn’t think of any more as I am totally in love with this planner otherwise 

Considering the prices of planners available in the market and at such shooting prices, I feel this is total value for money 
Price: Rs 900 (Including Shipping) 
Where to buy:


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