Top 6 Shaving Myths Busted 

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Well my last two post about Gilette Venus Breeze got me a lot of questions related to shaving and fortunately when I attended the Bloggers Meet with Gilette we had all our questions answered by Celebrity Dermatologist Dr Rashmi Shetty, Gilette Venus Experts Namrata Soni & Kalki Koechlin who personally use shaving as a hair removal method too 

Below mentioned are a few questions/myths that we usually have when we hear shaving as a method of hair removal 

1. Shaving will make your hair grow thicker , darker and faster

Well your hair growth is determined by your hormones and genetics not with the method you use to remove it. As the razor cuts the hair and doesnt pull it out like waxing or tweeting, that is one reason why it feels thicker 

2. Shaving causes ingrowth

Ingrowths are basically hair that cannot move because of a blockage and that is why it is always recommended to exfoliate before hair removal through any method 

3.Pressing hard will give a close shave 

This is absolutely a myth. As pressing it too hard can give you cuts 

4.Shaving should not be done regularly 

Well there is absolutely no reason why you should not.If you have quick hair growth you definitely can but avoid shaving with multiple strokes in the same area as that can stretch the skin and give you razor burns 

5. You can dry shave too

Never ever dry shave as that can lead to stretching and damaging your skin further.Ensure you moisten before shave as warm water particularly opens up your pores and gives you a closer shave 

6. Shaving causes the skin to become darker especially the underarm area

Shaving only removes the top layer of the skin and there is absolutely no logical explanation for the skin colour to change.Application of an alcohol based deodorant or anti perspirant immediately after shaving or any hair removal method can lead to pigmentation 
I reckon I’ve answered and busted all the common shaving myths that people usually have 

So get going people,

Get yourself the expert of shaving, The Gilette Venus Breeze 

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29 thoughts on “Top 6 Shaving Myths Busted 

  1. Very informative post. Point 1 is the most common myth. With limited time in hand, shaving is a quicker option than waxing. Your post is very helpful.


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