Hello & Welcome

Welcoming you All Ladies 😊 (I am assuming )

Hello you all!!

Ah this part always gets on me !!
Introducing myself (who, why, where, was, when)
I am Afsha , married since 3 years (almost) , mommy to this amazing little packet of cuteness that We proudly named HANIYA (cute isn’t it)
I am originally from Pune & Mumbai but now based in Bangalore

I am not an expert at anything (except for bad jokes ) . Il write about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and tad bit of my mommy life and share my personal experiences about all the little nitty gritties of my life after having a baby !! Being a mommy and yet fantastic takes a little work and is tedious but us women excel at multi tasking , don’t we ? Well this is exactly what my blog BEINGMOMTASTIC is all about
For a FTM , life is quite alienated as we need to reach out to Mother Google for every extra hiccup our baby took , Well obviously with technology taking over we are well connected with our biological saviours through the apps (Skype)never used before as much as after having a baby.

Just a small way to connect with all those newbies there just like me. For a 5 minute escape out of your routine life ,work, kids ,school .
Drop in for a quick read
I promise to have something interesting up for u
Do visit again and show some ❤️